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OCID CodeProject TitleDate PublishedPackage NumberLot NumberBudget YearJSon
ocds-coabc7-344545644-000002Supply of Hispital Equipment to Sayaya Memorial Hospital Benin Kebbi28-Jan-2021  2021  
ocds-coabc7-344545644-000001Construction of 3.5km road at Tundunwada28-Jan-2021  2021  
ocds-coabc7-1-000001Completion of 500 capacity hostel, furnishing & const. of boundary wall fence gate house to female hostel at AACOE Argungu31-Dec-2020  2018  
ocds-coabc7-2-000001Const. of access road & drainages from Alhaji Baraya House to Natsini road in Argungu Town31-Dec-2020  2018  
ocds-coabc7-2-000002Construction of Besse-Samanaji road31-Dec-2020  2018  
ocds-coabc7-2-000003Const. of feeder roads at Fakai, Ngaski, Yauri, D/Wasagu, Zuru, Shanga & Jega31-Dec-2020  2018  
ocds-coabc7-2-000004Construction of road from filin Idi-koko/yauri road Jega town31-Dec-2020  2018  
ocds-coabc7-2-000005Const. of Ambursa township road B/Kebbi LG31-Dec-2020  2018  
ocds-coabc7-2-000006Const. of dolekaina-Buma-Aljannare road 17km phase 131-Dec-2020  2018  
ocds-coabc7-2-000007Emergency repairs of 2no. bridge, control of Erosion, filling of wash out embarkment, addition box culvert etc at Bunza and Argungu LG31-Dec-2020  2018  
ocds-coabc7-2-000008Extension of Augie to Zagi to sokoko state Border road31-Dec-2020  2018  
ocds-coabc7-3-000001Furnishing and Renovation of High court of justice complex (head qrt)31-Dec-2020     
ocds-coabc7-4-000001Gradual Expansion of Sir Yahaya memorial Hospital31-Dec-2020  2018  
ocds-coabc7-5-000001Procurement of 20no. Takumbo Hilux31-Dec-2020  2018  
ocds-coabc7-5-000002Procurement of 5no. GMC Yuko XL Denali 2018 Model vehicle31-Dec-2020  2018  
ocds-coabc7-6-000001Provision of Street light in some roads in the state capital31-Dec-2020  2018  
ocds-coabc7-5-000003Purchase and Distribution of assorted grains to 21 LG31-Dec-2020  2018  
ocds-coabc7-3-000002Purchase and supply of official vehicles to High court of judges & Khadis of the Shari’a court of appeal etc31-Dec-2020     
ocds-coabc7-7-000001Rehabilitation of Yauri-Zuru 33kv line lot A31-Dec-2020  2018  
ocds-coabc7-2-000009Rehabilitation of Suru-Kawara-Giro Junction in Suru LG31-Dec-2020  2018  
ocds-coabc7-7-000002Purchase of Additional Transformers31-Dec-2020  2018  
ocds-coabc7-6-000002Street light project in Argungu town31-Dec-2020  2017  
ocds-coabc7-8-000001purchase and supply of 120,000 bags of paddy rice from kebbi state farmers31-Dec-2020  2018  
ocds-coabc7-8-000002purchase of 200,000 bags of paddy rice from kebbi state farmers31-Dec-2020  2018  
ocds-coabc7-5-000004Supply of 16no. Toyota Camry and 1no.lexus Jeep to Judge & Khadis31-Dec-2020  2018  
ocds-coabc7-8-000003Transportation of 5,000 metric tones of fertilizer which is Equivalent to 166.4 trucks from fertilizer chemical company kaduna to 21 LG of Kebbi state31-Dec-2020  2018  
ocds-coabc7-9-000001renovation and const of additional facilities at Govt secondary school jega31-Dec-2020  2019  
ocds-coabc7-9-000002rehabilitation of some selected structures at Gov't Girls Comprehensive Sec. School Suru31-Dec-2020  2019  
ocds-coabc7-10-000001const of Falale-Barama-Argungu Bye pass with spur at unguwar Magun & Danjema 25.5km and 1no. 3spam bridde31-Dec-2020  2019  
ocds-coabc7-8-000004purchase of 3250 units of water pump31-Dec-2020  2019  
ocds-coabc7-2-000010repairs of wash out at multi cells box culverts along Bui-Kangiwa road near Tungar Hakimi Village_131-Dec-2020  2019  
ocds-coabc7-4-000002Supply Of Equipment And Hospital Furniture To Sir Yahaya Memorial Hospital,Birnin Kebbi_131-Dec-2020  2019  
ocds-coabc7-11-000001furnishing of House of Assembly_131-Dec-2020  2019  
ocds-coabc7-2-000011const of 3 span bridge along Bunza to Makera to natsinin road_131-Dec-2020  2019  
ocds-coabc7-2-000012const of Kanya to Gwazawa road_131-Dec-2020  2019  
ocds-coabc7-12-000001rehab of some structures at Govt sec sch Kalgo_131-Dec-2020  2019  
ocds-coabc7-12-000002rehab of govt arabic sec sch wasagu_1_131-Dec-2020  2019  
ocds-coabc7-12-000003renov of some structures at army day sec Bkebbi_131-Dec-2020  2019  
ocds-coabc7-2-000013Const. of Access roads and Drainages with outfall drain at Badariya Area B/Kebbi31-Dec-2020  2020  
ocds-coabc7-2-000014Const. of Access roads to Shiyar Fada Area & Old Cemetery to Dan-Ige House B/Kebbi31-Dec-2020  2020  
ocds-coabc7-2-000015Const. of township road in Sabiyel31-Dec-2020  2020  
ocds-coabc7-2-000016Const. of township road in kashim zama31-Dec-2020  2020  
ocds-coabc7-2-000017Erosion control and const. of culvert along waje-unashi road D/Wasagu LG31-Dec-2020  2020  
ocds-coabc7-4-000003Installation, commissioning and technical etc across the state31-Dec-2020  2020  
ocds-coabc7-5-000005Procurement of 6no. Toyota camry 2019 and 19no. camry 2019 (D4 normal31-Dec-2020  2020  
ocds-coabc7-7-000003Purchase of 20no. 500kVA transformers31-Dec-2020  2020  
ocds-coabc7-13-000001Rehabilitation and const. of some structures at GAISS Kangiwa31-Dec-2020  2020  
ocds-coabc7-13-000002Rehabilitation of and provision of additional structures at Dr. Amina College B/Kebbi31-Dec-2020  2020